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I love hearing from others who have ideas for commissions, so please do contact me if you'd like to share your inspiration for your home, my email is

Art has always been a part of my life, constantly inspired by the seasons and harvests, and walking the fields with my father, or helping mum with the sheep and goats while growing up on the farm during my childhood, so my love for nature and animals is very much part of what I create. 

Moving to London firstly to study fashion and then working within the fashion and interior industries as a PR in London, I've been privileged to work alongside some of the UK's most incredible creatives, which has defined my direction with the way I create my art. We've since moved to Marlow in Buckinghamshire, well known for it's  Michelin Starred restaurants, so food is usually my main subject these days.

​Each oil painting is my impression of nature and still life. They feature an energetic style, using modern muted tones, working well within modern sanctuaries, adding an energy to every wall in the home.



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