90's Icons

Did anyone else have an obsession with Helena, Cindy, Kate, Linda, Tatjana and Christie (and who can forget Eva in the Wonderbra ad), and never let go of shocking amounts of Vogues dating back to 1987... just me?

It's always a joy for me to rifle through my press archive to hold an old magazine, especially where there's time to do so during the beginning of 2021 and indulge in a time when we fantasised about the glamour and fashion within those glossy pages. Magazines were squirreled into our classrooms and then to college, (they were the old screens). We shared them with our friends overlooking the reader's shoulders, discussing what style we loved, and the designers we would one day wear (Vivienne obviously)!

I have to thank Vogue for inspiring me to follow the path I did, inspiring me to take a path towards fashion, eventually leading me to being an artist. This is the reason I love to create fashion illustrations like these above and hope they bring as much joy to those viewing them as they do for me creating them.

Ink Illustrations Created by Lizzie Owen

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