Channel 4's Latest Series of Drawer’s Off is back and I’m on it!

Ridiculously excited about Channel 4's new series of Drawers' Off with Jenny Eclair starts 5.30pm Monday 30th May, (and for the rest of that week) and I'm on it!!

Back in February, I might have answered a group email my friend Jo Harris, founder of Henley School of Art sent to all her Life Drawing classes, and I received a call for an interview from Multistory Media, finally being whittled down to being part of the first week of Drawers Off! I still can't quite believe I'm on this show and how quickly it all happened, but what an incredible and fun week we all had together.

Firstly I'm a BIG fan of Jenny Eclair's, (watch out for an exclusive interview later this week), plus the show itself had a bit of a format shuffle, contestants no longer have to model, (huge relief, I was still sporting festive curves while filming), we were free to create our style in any medium we wanted, (I was a kid in a sweetshop with the art supplies the crew provided us!) and it was just a joy to be with a group of people doing what we love the most - by the end of it, it almost felt normal to create Life Drawing surrounded by cameras, with Jenny Eclair providing us our own private and hilarious comedy show while we created our masterpieces - you can't pay for that kind of experience. I forgot that it was for a TV show and just fell into the art as I always do - I was a little stressed with one of the poses, but apart from that I have no idea what fell out of my mouth because it all felt so natural, so you'll get 100% me alongside David, Mavi, Sophie and John.

What a privilege, we came away with an experience you can't pay for, the chance to meet new people in a hugely fun environment mingling with top British Comedy talent - then when I returned to my actual Life Drawing Class in Henley, my technique had massively improved!

I will be making just a couple of reminders nearer next week, but for now, put it in the diary if you're around, (for those with kids, it's half-term, so maybe get them inspired to do some art while they're on their hols - and apologies if you're not in the UK, this is a UK only thing I'm afraid).

Clearly I'd love to hear your feedback, please let me know your thoughts if you watch it, on Twitter I'm @mummyinmanolos (I'm a huge fan of Manolo Blahnik... shoes if you're wondering), Insta I'm a more appropriate @lizzieowenartist and you can email me xxx

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