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Figs & Pears

This week's little creations are now dry and ready to frame - Figs are 12x10" (14x12" once framed) and Pears 9x12" (11x14" once framed) soon to be dropped...

Part of the 'Fruit of the Room' series, both fruit have past and present emotions, something that seems to be so apparent right now - past connections and memories are pouring through for me which has sent me on a whole other journey, one I will update here as and when they happen.

The pears represent a tree we had in our garden back on the farm, which had a habit of blossoming when it felt like it, (it had its 'off' years as some fruit trees do), but it was the most beautiful pear tree and absolutely enormous. My parents had their wedding picture taken underneath while it blossomed in the May, and I'd play for hours as a child, imagining I could disappear through its roots to another world.


figs represent the summers we've had over the years, and a reminder of hope and warmer days ahead. Their sweetness brings a smile to salads and a key fixture on the places we're finally visiting this year after such a long time here in the UK (which is glorious, but Greece and Italy beckon).

As a reader on here, (and you must be patient to have read this far, thank you), you'll be the first to know that these little paintings will be for sale later this week once I've convinced my framers (who are always busy, so will have to bribe them with something... wine or food, one or the two ;) to fit the frames and then I'll show you here first what they look like. If you love them, please let me know, I'm only a phone call or email away - - I'd love to hear from you x

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