Holding Hands...

Holding hands - it's such an innocent and kind way to show care, a simple and automatic thing to do with a loved one, but ever more magnified during times where our hands are considered dirty and can cause all sorts of devastation during these difficult times.

This was something that went through my mind as I practiced sketches of hands this week, as I find them quite tricky to create correctly. But it dawned on me how sensual they really are, and actually, how incredible and magical they can be.

Think of how much they do, and it's mind blowing to realise that the world was literally changed under the power of hands since humans learned how to create!

I think after all they've been through recently with the constant washing and applying sanitiser, they deserve a massage with some lovely hand creams x

Sketches created by Lizzie Owen - contact for more information, or follow @lizzieowenartist on Instagram for daily inspiration

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