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Have you ever visited the National Gallery or any gallery in fact anywhere and admired great paintings featuring all manner of figurative art and thought 'that's so rude, best not let my children see this, it's so offensive'... No, because you're better than that - it's ART! It's beautiful and mostly celebrates the human body in all forms through drawings, paintings and sculpture. So why is it that every time I have posted any of my life drawings on Instagram, I receive a censorship warning that I should either edit or take down the post - it's absolutely ridiculous. The image above was the last straw after I had yet another warning for posting it, and thought I'd use my own website to feature the mixedmedia piece created on Tuesday. But there's nothing I can do about it because the censorship is created by Content Moderation AI !!!

I've looked into this (admittedly only briefly), and have found that I'm not alone. There is a dedicated Campaign for this issue called 'Don't Delete Art' - follow - these guys are trying to gain as many signatures as possible to campaign for change, calling on social media companies to enact greater protections for artistic freedom online - if you have a couple of seconds, please do sign their petition.

Meanwhile, here are all of my banned Life Drawings I posted over the past few months, Insta can't get me here!! Enjoy :)

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