Life's Cycle

I found this beautiful poem by Heather Adamkiewicz, fitting for the illustrations created this week for today's journal...

The Butterfly

As love falls down from the sky,

It lands on the wings of a butterfly.

The butterfly sings it's songs and rhymes,

And flies through the air, no concept of time.

It is the messenger of patience and change,

From flower to flower, it's odd and it's strange.

The butterfly can transform it's world.

And give way to new beginnings, unfurled,

It is the keeper of transformation,

And flies on faith and imagination.

The butterfly has no fear of change,

It bravely escapes it's homemade cage.

To change, it knows is necessary,

For all the burdens we need not carry.

The butterfly soars, and merrily sings,

For, without change, it could never grow wings

Heather wrote this when she was just 13 and it couldn't be more fitting for times right now - sending so much love x

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