Masterpiece March

I had a lovely project to work on over last week, for Jo Tuffrey, Pilates & Fitness Guru and just all round gorgeous girl. She asked me to create something called 'Masterpiece March' for her March Fitness Series, to add a bit of fun for her Pilates Tribe

This is quite unusual for a small fitness business to use illustrative art, and hats off to Jo for thinking out of the box for her monthly group, who religiously take her classes daily, because since taking them myself, I can confirm how much better my back feels afterwards - it's like adding oil to my joints before I get on with my day.

I had fun creating her, as she's a beautiful subject to illustrate. If you have a spare half hour in your day, you must give her classes a go, she has a brilliant and easy to use app, alongside her website - it's like working out with a best friend - visit to find out more.

If you have an artistic idea for your business and would like to see it come to life, or would like me to create a bespoke illustration as a thoughtful gift, or for yourself wearing something exceptionally chic and would like it as content for your social media, please do contact me, my email is x

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