Self Care...

Isn't it funny - I was full of joy when I created this oil, and was so happy with all the incredible and kind comments on Instagram last week for it, I was beaming as brightly as this image seems. Even when I had my picture taken by my friend Mel for this particular pose at the time (originally for a work thing), it was filled with fun and laughter, hence why all the colours - it's me (obvs), for a Self Portrait, that I thought I'd enter into the Sky Arts 'Portrait Artist of the Year' - nothing to lose, it was fun creating and the deadline made it happen.

So last week was beautiful and challenging in equal measure, working on some amazing pieces and being immensely proud of them, at the same time, feeling super sensitive to our days during this pandemic. I feel like I'm definitely picking up on the negative side of things here in the UK, bringing me to a crashing low yesterday. I blamed the Mercury Retrograde, this time of year, the negative media, just the general malaise of our current lockdown - like everyone I want a new view, to see and hug family and friends and experience something fun/cultured

Thankfully I have this lovely studio to escape to, and my art is literally my sanctuary. My weekend wobble was taken out to my room, and I sat and just stared out of the window - so much sadness went through my mind, which I don't mind saying as I know I'm not alone with this, and those that know me are fully aware that I'm susceptible to the occasional downer. It also means that I'm now writing my blog on the hoof, as I was in no fit state to plan anything yesterday, and that's OK.

This week I'll upload my sketches, do a random 'Live' on Wednesday and post lots of progress over on my insta @lizzieowenartist if you fancy having a look - and as ever, please leave comments, I LOVE comments, I'm quite an extrovert for an artist and love a chat with others - which is probably why the last month or so has really 'got' to me!

Anyway, I hope you're keeping well, huge empathetic hugs if you're feeling like me at the moment - I did a quick meditation yesterday with Gaba, I love his podcast - well worth it if you like psychodelic poetry! And hope your week starts well for a fabulous February x

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