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An evening of Meditative Life Drawing

Updated: 6 days ago

Join me and my little team on Friday 22nd March from 8pm for a unique and relaxing experience at the Meditative Life Drawing Class held at The Wellness Barn in Marlow, UK. This in-person event offers a blend of mindfulness and creativity, allowing you to unwind and express yourself through art. Whether you're a seasoned artist or a beginner, this class welcomes all levels of experience. Immerse yourself in a serene atmosphere of soundscapes and art and let your creativity flow as you engage in meditative drawing exercises. Discover the joy of capturing the beauty of the human form while finding inner peace. Don't miss out on this rejuvenating opportunity to nurture your artistic side and find tranquility. There has already been a lot of interest for this event, so please do book here to ensure you don't miss your spot here

This class is unguided, so feel free to express however you want to draw, whether that's impressionism, abstract or just mark making, there are no judgements. We want this to be in-keeping with my friend Vayia's beautiful healing centre, which has been a big part of my own healing journey for years through so many of the community's brilliant practitioners who I've hung out with since I became a Reiki Master back in 2015. It felt right to do this now after a very excited and last minute conversation with Vayia, founder of the Marlow Wellness Barn and team member Sarah.

It also felt right as part of my community here in Marlow, and all the years I've lived here pushing Marlow businesses and charities as part of my service to where I live, and the fact I'm currently on a deferment from my Portrait Diploma in Chelsea and have more time to do lovely little things like this. So I hope that this class reaches out to my neighbours who will support The Marlow Wellness Barn and all the events that happen there, it really is a very special place.

If you're reading this and would like to find out more, please do email me, my address is or dm me over on Instagram @lizzieowenartist.

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