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The Art of Healing

Updated: May 22

Blending meditative music with Life Drawing creations

2024 has already seen a few big personal life transitions, which have been a huge challenge so far, including deferring from my beloved Portrait Diploma for a year with Heatherly's School of Fine Art. So my weekly creative escapes to Chelsea, London have been put on hold during this challenging time. However, this hasn't stopped me from creating my own mini retreats once a month with my new Meditative Life Drawing classes which have since become a brilliant hit locally here in Marlow, Buckinghamshire.

Please do read Isabelle's testamonial from her first class, she loved her experience and offered the most loving response when I asked what she thought...“ By pure chance I came across the advertised Meditative Life Drawing session at The Wellness Barn a month ago. As I don’t draw nor paint I really didn’t know whether it was for me but I was still keen to give it a try so beforehand I contacted Lizzie by mail who very kindly got back to me straight away. She was very inspiring and encouraging and as very accurately stated on the Website she told me that this session was for everyone and indeed so it is. The session was extremely well organised in a truly lovely, warm and welcoming setting. It was lovely to meet Lizzie in person that evening, she’s so passionate about Art and made this experience very special for everyone. I had a fabulous evening and to my astonishment even though I hadn’t drawn since I was a child ….a few decades ago !! I totally immersed myself in that meditative and creative experience and put pencil to sketching paper and loved it ! Whether you are a total beginner and have never drawn before like me or whether you are a seasoned artist, I would highly recommend that you take part in this unique event. Thank you so much Lizzie for your inspiration, all your encouragement and your kindness."

Every fourth Friday of the month, I have now committed with The Wellness Barn here in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, offering locals within my home town and surrounding areas the opportunity to find peace creating art while listening to the meditative singing and soundscapes created by the awesome Oh Shala Community Festival Family.

So last year, I worked with my friend and founder of the Oh Shala Community Festival Emily Cobie as her Creative, and have seen her beautiful voice and music in action. This year I approached her to see if she could offer her lovely singing voice and music with Nav as part of my Meditative Life Drawing classes, and they agreed. It worked and I'm so pleased to offer this unique experience ongoing - watching artists and models drift into a peaceful, creative space is the most magical sight. It's healing and the art that comes from the evening is just pure delight. So I decided to ask her whether she had ever mixed art with her music and singing before.

Emily Cobie, Founder of Oh Shala Community Festival - "I've never mixed Devotional Yoga with song or artwork before but intuitively it feels completely aligned to the practice, because when we're drawing the body, we're doing it with a sense of full love, acceptance and vulnerability. It's the same with the voice and music and I'm hoping my intention with the Life Drawing Classes is to bring mantra and sound to the artists to enhance a safe space to bring the vulnerability to an openness but also a playfulness. Singing is all about connection and community, which seems to be what you're creating for the Meditative Life Drawing Classes. I'm excited to bring singing to the art group in terms of connection and community and believe it benefits everyone."

Oh Shala Community Festival is taking place again this year from the 12th to 14th July 2024 and tickets are now on sale - sign up and visit me and the team there, as we'll be creating all sorts of gorgeous art for that weekend alongside other incredible healers.

Thank you to Manko Sebastian on Friday for her beautiful poses, she really is an absolute pro and created a stunning flower filled outfit, celebrating Flora, Goddess of Spring - I couldn't have wished for a more appropriate style - she's an amazing artist herself, so understands how Life Drawing works. I've been drawing her for years through Henley School of Art and Draw Brighton

Also thank you to my first ever angel Kelly, who took a chance and modelled for my maiden class - she was awesome. I've bought these HUGE 6 foot wings which are heavy, but so dramatic and make a brilliant costume - her tiny frame was perfect for this and I'm so looking forward to you experiencing both Manko and Kelly's magical poses in the near future again.

So I'd be delighted to meet you for the first time or welcome you again to my next Meditative Life Drawing Class on Friday 24th May from 8pm. Nav will be our musician for the evening alongside the beautiful life model Amy Kingsley-Hughes, who I portrait painted a little while back. I'll definitely be bringing the giant angel wings for this event with some other goddess styles we have planned. You don't have to ever have picked up a pencil or practiced regularly to join these classes. They're unguided, you literally draw what you see in a safe, non judgemental space - you can be as abstract, impressionistic or as crazy as you want to. You don't even need to draw, perhaps journal while listening to the music surrounded by a creative vibe of artists, this is an inclusive event and I want you to feel as comfortable as possible to find the peace that you need just for you. At the end of the day, this is about honouring yourself without the noise of your everyday.

Contact me if you have any questions or visit to see what I get up to and sign up to my website for the latest updates. I'm a fairly prolific instagrammer, so please do follow me over @lizzieowenartist - I love hearing from you there and get a dopamine kick when you DM me, I always respond, (I'm not great at Facebook though, not a fan if I'm honest).

So have a lovely May, lets look forward to warmer, sunny days ahead

See you soon

Lizzie x

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