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Collaborating with a Creative Community

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

I never tire of working with aspirational people, bringing ideas to life with a team of likeminded creatives, who are working hard on their own journey to bring us all something amazing, and am honoured they choose me to be the one to bring their ideas to life.

This week has been full to the brim working with the dream team of creatives, from pet products, fitness profiles, CBD packaging, corporate gifts, a bio profile for a shaman and the cherry being a selection of my oil paintings finally making their way into the beautiful Home Barn Store

I have known everyone I'm currently creating for through previous lives before me being an artist, and before they started their brands, so we all have so much in common and it feels very 'family'. I guess this is because we're a community as such, from working together in London, to living close to each other in Buckinghamshire or having grown near them in Staffordshire, and it's absolutely my love to create for my community.

They're much more than clients and they bring others to me who are a similar nature, so I'm always connected to them - it's very important we all do this, and to check in on them when we can. It's the lifeblood of being human and staying as connected as possible. And when we're through this temporary separation, I hope none of us will ever again take advantage of how important we are to each other and to never bow out of social occasions - an invite is as important to the person invited as it is to the invitee.

For now, visit Home Barn's beautiful shop and maybe treat yourself to something unique, (honestly, it's difficult to choose from all the stunning pieces they sell). Maybe you have an idea we can collaborate on, let me know, my email is x

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